We aim for the United Nations to proclaim an International Year of Science Engagement in 2027

The International Year of Science Engagement (IYSE 2027) will inspire and empower people with knowledge, tools, and platforms designed to share their know-how, skills, and experiences. It will provide the interactive space in which the citizens of the world can engage with science and achieve the SDGs.

An International Year is a powerful tool for building global multi-stakeholder networks. Through activities, events and campaigns, International Years reach an audience of tens of millions of practitioners, scientists, industry leaders, decision-makers and members of the public worldwide.

This global initiative will build the momentum necessary to engage more voices and more minds with science and showcase its opportunities and contributions directly. It will equip the international community with the tools needed to push harder and further for transformative change. It will engage scientists worldwide with diverse stakeholders and the public to build consensus, test solutions, improve their theses, methods, and enable change.



Building a Global Coalition of Partners


Endorsement by UNESCO


Proclamation by the UN


The International Year of Science Engagement

IYSE further aims to foster the international community of Science Engagement practitioners and institutions who develop diverse formats of Science Engagement initiatives, from the grassroots to the institutional level.

Science engagement can be employed as a tool to promote science literacy, mobilise political will, and create stronger links between science, research, policymaking and the public: The International Year of Science Engagement will create environments in which the rewards of science are understood, valued and applied for the global good.

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If you are interested in becoming a partner, please apply here or get in touch with us at internationalyear@falling-walls.com to explore how you can shape the International Year of Science Engagement. You can also download further information on the IYSE here.


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