International Year of Science Engagement – Important Notice

Over the past two years, the International Year of Science Engagement (IYSE) has been committed to building momentum in order to put the important topic of “Science Engagement” on the global agenda and aim for a proclamation by the United Nations in 2027.

In this process, we have been able to garner the tremendous support of numerous governmental, media, science and Science Engagement partners across the world.

Last year, in order to scale up our efforts in the right direction, the Falling Walls Foundation was trying to find a new host institution with the necessary means to represent and carry this initiative forward. While we have built a steady and diverse network of supporters, limitations in capacity and difficulties in finding sustainable financial support have presented major challenges to continue on the path we have jointly built.

We truly wish that the Falling Walls Foundation would have had the means to carry this project further. We have explored various scenarios over the past months, and we sincerely regret that in the absence of another host institution as successor, we will be unable to bring the IYSE to fruition.

As the global platform for Science Engagement, the programme Falling Walls Engage, hosted by the Falling Walls Foundation, will continue to support and strengthen the field of Science Engagement as a pathway to find solutions for global challenges. With the Falling Walls Science Summit, we will continue to create and facilitate debates and unique opportunities for exchange and collaboration among practitioners, public and institutions to promote joint action and contribute to the well-being of people and the planet.

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