“we need to engage science and society in efforts to build global sustainability”

The International Year of Science Engagement (IYSE) is excited to announce its partnership with the Brazilian Academy of Sciences!

Founded in 1916, the Brazilian Academy of Sciences, originally Academia Brasileira de Ciencias (ABC), is a non-profit, non-governmental, independent entity which operates as an honorific scientific society and as a consultant for the government, when requested to do so, to perform technical studies and studies on scientific policies. It focuses on the scientific development of the country, the interaction among Brazilian scientists and the interaction of these with researchers from other nations.

The Rio de Janeiro-based organisation is aiming to promote the scientific community to act together towards technological advance and innovation. When it comes to the young professionals, ABC conducts an annual election of talented young researchers, who come from all the regions of the country, to become Affiliated Members of the Academy for a limited period of time.

“At a time when antiscience values prevail in several countries around the world, the International Year of Science Engagement (IYSE) 2027 will play a fundamental role in raising awareness in our societies, reminding everyone, among others, that the earth is round and that vaccines save lives. We need to reaffirm values and adopt practices that allow us to bequeath to generations yet to come a habitable planet. The 2030 Agenda needs to be strongly embraced and we need to engage science and society in efforts to build global sustainability”, says Prof. Helena B Nader, president of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences.

To keep up with the updates of the Academy, make sure to check two periodicals and a weekly electronic bulletin of ABC News. And lastly, we want to thank the Brazilian Academy of Sciences for the joint efforts in making this collaboration come to life.