“It is crucial that we increase the Science Engagement of policymakers”


It is with great excitement that we announce our collaboration with the European Academies’ Science Advisory Council (EASAC) in terms of a social partnership, wherein the EASAC declares its support for the International Year of Science Engagement.

Founded in 2001 at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, the EASAC is comprised of the national science academies of the European Union member states, Norway, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom that serves as an independent science advisory body of experts to European policymakers. EASAC undertakings include substantive studies of the scientific aspects of European policy issues, reviews and advice about policy, workshops aimed to educate policymakers, workshops aimed at identifying current scientific thinking about major European policy issues, and providing concise statements about topical issues.

The EASAC’s work is of the utmost importance, which includes helping guide the European Union to make decisions that are based on impartial scientific findings that will benefit the greater global world.

“For tackling the challenges we are facing, it is crucial that we increase the Science Engagement of policymakers.”, says Christina Moberg, president European Academies’ Science Advisory Council (EASAC).

We would like to thank the team at EASAC who worked with us on this agreement. It is our pleasure to associate ourselves with the EASAC and we look forward to working with our newest partner.