“We need to keep the momentum going”

The IYSE 2027 is pleased to announce that Eh!woza will act as partner in programming and in bringing together networks for the International Year of Science Engagement in 2027.

Eh!woza operates at the intersection of science communication, youth advocacy, community engagement, and skills development to merge the biomedicine of disease with its social impact. Their various programmes recruit high school students and young adults from areas with high rates of HIV and TB to practical workshops that engage participants with high-impact local biomedical research. “First HIV, and now COVID-19 has emphasized the critical importance of Science Engagement to increase trust in scientific research and life-saving public health interventions. Science Engagement is also key to highlight the importance of equitable access to vaccines and new drugs, not only for COVID-19 but for other diseases such as TB and HIV“, says Anastasia Koch, Co-Founder and Managing Director at Eh!woza.

Equipped with accurate information, beneficiaries are enrolled in creative workshops that provide technical skills, equipment, and conceptual guidance, to produce documentaries, music, poetry and music videos that reflect the individual, social, and emotional cost of disease. Media is disseminated to conscientise the public on issues of health and disease. They enlist beneficiaries as active partners and facilitate access to accurate information while promoting honest conversations, storytelling, and representation of health and disease. Over the long term, they aim to encourage positive health-seeking behaviour, engender trust, and ultimately decrease stigma.

Anastasia affirms, “We need to keep the momentum going and I’m really excited to be part of the Falling Walls partnership to generate support and contribute to programming for the UN’s International Year of Science Engagement for 2027. Hopefully we can garner high-level global support for this important initiative.”

We are excited to announce more updates on our partnership and thank the team at Eh!woza for helping to realise a successful IYSE 2027.