“Science communication should not only strive to ‘transport‘ given knowledge”

The European Science Engagement Association (EUSEA) have their eye firmly placed on public engagement. The IYSE 2027 is delighted to have EUSEA as a partner and we would like to thank them for agreeing to work with us on programming, networking and more.

EUSEA is an international knowledge-sharing platform and accelerator of innovation in the field of public engagement. The association addresses experts involved in the design, organisation and implementation of public engagement activities around Europe. EUSEA is an active consortium member in projects funded by the European Commission and supports partners in European funding policies.

“In times of profound technological and societal transformation, happening in a world facing increasingly complex global challenges, science communication should not only strive to ‘transport‘ given knowledge or ‘promote‘ research to ‘the public‘. In order to become active members of open and participatory innovation ecosystems, researchers today need a wide range of competences in building, translating and sharing knowledge with multiple partners and audiences.“, says Annette Klinkert, Executive Director at EUSEA.

With rapid changes in scientific institutions and society at large, science festivals and public engagement activities offer much more than ‘edutainment’. Collaboratively designed engagement activities can build bridges – between science and society, researchers and citizens, policy makers and innovators. EUSEA initiates and supports many of these activities as a strong partner, striving to foster public engagement that makes an impact across Europe.

Annette Klinkert affirms, “The International Year of Science Engagement will support the generation, reflection and sharing of this knowledge, empowering all who open their minds and hearts to form a new global community of practice. EUSEA is proud to be a member of this exciting initiative!“

We are thrilled to have EUSEA supporting our initiative and are looking forward to collaborating with them in the future.