“The International Year is our opportunity to raise people and funders‘ attention to the importance of science engagement”

The International Year of Science Engagement 2027 (IYSE) is excited to announce its partnership with the International Science Council (ISC). The ISC will support the IYSE with its extensive expertise and reach while we will work together to co-fertilise our respective programming.

“The International Year is our opportunity to raise people and funders‘ attention to the importance of Science Engagement,” says Mathieu Denis, Science Director and Acting CEO of the International Science Council. “If you look at the challenges faced by our societies and planet – climate change, ecosystems degradation, biodiversity loss, raising inequalities, geopolitical tensions –, what you see is a potential and dangerous convergence of social and environmental tipping points. There is no way we are collectively going to address these without quickly becoming much better at engaging people in the research process on the issues to solve.”

The International Science Council (ISC) is a non-governmental organization with a unique global membership that brings together over 200 international scientific unions and associations as well as national and regional scientific organizations including academies and research councils. It is the only international non-governmental organization bringing together the natural and social sciences and the largest global science organization of its type.

The vision of the ISC is science as a global public good. Scientific knowledge, data and expertise must be universally accessible and its benefits universally shared. The practice of science must be inclusive and equitable, also in opportunities for scientific education and capacity development. The mission of the ISC is to act as the global voice for science. The IYSE believes this endeavor strongly intersects our aim of promoting Science Engagement towards shaping scientific processes for the greater public good. We are thrilled to work with the ISC!

A special thank you goes to Mathieu Denis (ISC Acting CEO), Nick Perkins (ISC Senior Consultant, and IYSE International Advisory Board member), and their teams for driving this collaboration forward. While you wait on updates from our side, feel free to refer to the ISC’s website for their brilliant work