During the Falling Walls Science Summit 2022, we had the chance to talk to Dr. Oju Richard Ibor, an ecological physiologist and International Science Council (ISC) Fellow.

The ISC is a partner of the International Year of Science Engagement 2027 (IYSE2027) and represented in the International Advisory Board by Nick Perkins.

In our conversation, Dr Oju Richard Ibor shared with us his experiences at the Falling Walls Science Summit and what the IYSE2027 could look like on a local community level.


For what reason was it interesting for you to take part at the Falling Walls Science Summit in Berlin? What were you most excited about?

Attending the Falling Walls Science Summit was a life and career changing experience for me. I was very excited about the science breakthrough presentations. Returning to my home country, Nigeria, I’m hoping to build on this experience towards advancing scientific development and engagement here.

What was the most thought-provoking talk, panel or discussion for you?

I think for me, the most thought-provoking event during the summit was the Plenary Table about Planetary Health, as this section addressed some of the global striking climate emergencies.

What insights are you taking home/to your institution and why?

For me, I am going home with a great insight towards promoting innovative and groundbreaking research in my home country. Also, I have learnt that innovative science is the way forward towards breaking the walls of science.

"I have learnt that innovative science is the way forward towards breaking the walls of science."

Dr. Oju Richard Ibor

Since you are a fellow of the International Science Council (ISC), what would you like to see in our collaboration?

In this collaboration, I would like to see a strong input from the IYSE2027 and the ISC in the area of Science Engagement in low and middle income countries in the Global South.
In my opinion, key stakeholders such as National Young Academies, like the Nigerian Young Academy, should be involved to help promote and disseminate Science Engagement projects in these regions to the respective target groups.

What do you think the IYSE2027 could look like in local communities as well as on a national and international level?

The IYSE2027 should especially involve rural communities more in Science Engagement projects and engage National Academies and Universities to start global actions, make the perspectives from rural communities visible and bring them to a global stage.

Thank you for your time and effort.