“We have to get back on track”

We are pleased to announce our partnership with the Learning Planet Institute, which will act as a partner in terms of networking, consulting and programming. The Paris-based organisation is a trailblazer in all things learning. Not only that, but they also share the common goal of addressing global challenges with the IYSE 2027.

“An International Year of Science Engagement is an opportunity to put light on the fact that we are drifting away from the roots of our society, and we are drifting away from what progress meant before. Now we have to get back on track”, says Gaell Mainguy, Director of Development and International Relations at Learning Planet Institute, “It is absolutely critical that Science Engagement is regonized by everyone as one of the key factors for our society to move forward.”

The Learning Planet Institute is the new iteration of the Center for Research and Interdisciplinarity, or CRI, started by researchers François Taddei and Ariel Lindner in 2006. It is a driver of the learning-society revolution that believes learning, research, collective intelligence, and creativity can help both individuals and organizations adapt to the increasingly complex challenges of our rapidly changing world.

The Learning Planet Institute is a research-and-development center as well as a graduate and post-graduate school developing programs for kindergarteners and doctoral students alike and every age in between— and even for continuing-education learners. It offers services to government agencies, companies, and other types of organizations as they embark on their learning-society transformation. Their unique position as a digital-innovation hub tapped into a global community of change-makers lets us explore and share knowledge in new ways at an unprecedented scale, all for the purpose of facing head on the great social and environmental challenges of our time.

We are excited to have the Learning Planet Institute on board and extend our deepest gratitude to the effort of their team for their role in realising a fruitful IYSE 2027.