“Exploring how science impacts us all is something we truly value.”

It is with great excitement that we announce our collaboration with Midlands Science, in terms of a social partnership, wherein Midlands Science declares its support for the International Year of Science Engagement.

Midlands Science is a not-for-profit company based in Ireland that aims to generate greater interest in STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) education and skills among students, teachers and the public in the Midlands [Laois, Offaly, Longford and Westmeath]. They see this as a key issue for the development of the region. The company directly reaches over 16,000 people each year, and its work has been independently reviewed positively and found to be impactful, creative and innovative. In all its projects, the company makes a special effort to reach people from low socioeconomic backgrounds, as they are the least likely to be enthusiastic about STEM education.

“As an organisation committed to the impact science can have in society, Midlands Science is delighted to support the International Year of Science Engagement”, says Jackie Gorman, the CEO of Midlands Science. “The opportunity to be part of an international year exploring how science impacts us all is something we truly value.”

We are extending our thanks to Jackie Gorman and the team at Midlands Science for the joint efforts in making this collaboration come to life, we are looking forward to working together!