“Science Engagement should be considered in (post-)war contexts”

We are proud to announce that Rethink Education and Science in Iraq (RESI) supports our initiative of the International Year of Science Engagement as a social partner. With their current thematic focus on the sustainable development goals as well as their extensive work with young scientists and, we are excited to exchange perspectives, advice, and more.

RESI is a university cooperation of the University of Graz, University of Mosul in Iraq and TU Dortmund in Germany, which aims to support the University of Mosul in academic reconstruction. With various activities and formats – from conferences to open educational programs – aimed at students, teachers and researchers from different scientific disciplines promote scientific and intercultural exchange between our universities and contribute to academic reconstruction and peace as well as reconciliation work at the University of Mosul and in the region.

“What we would like to see in an International Year of Science Engagement is for Science Engagement to be considered in (post-)war contexts, to be acknowledged for its potential as a tool for reconciliation, and to address issues surrounding the risks scholars are taking” says Dr. Heike Wendt, who is the academic leader for the project.

We thank RESI for their cooperation and are looking forward to work together!