“Engaging people with science is as important as discovery itself”


The International Year of Science Engagement (IYSE) is pleased to announce its partnership with STEM Matters and the Brilliant.

Hundreds of billions of dollars are spent each year on STEM research, yet many organisations struggle to communicate the impact of their discoveries to the public. STEM Matters seeks to change that. Bringing together a highly skilled team of publishers, journalists and editors, STEM Matters creates strategies to build profile, funding, influence and collaborations for universities, research institutes, government departments and industry.

The Brilliant, published by STEM Matters, is a global hub for best practice in science communication. The publication profiles entrepreneurs, artists, comedians, activists, poets, TikTokers, astronauts and more – fascinating people with a passion for science and a knack for communicating its impact to the masses. “The ambition of the Brilliant”, says CEO Kylie Ahern, “is to ensure that science communication and engagement are valued and resourced in STEM organisations around the world”.

“At STEM Matters and the Brilliant, we know that engaging people with science is as important as discovery itself,” says Ahern. “How else do you achieve social acceptance, funding, political support, commercialisation, philanthropy or behavioural change, unless people understand what you’re doing and why? The International Year of Science Engagement will put front and centre the importance of engaging with communities to ensure equal benefit from advances in scientific research. We applaud the efforts of Falling Walls and stand ready to support the IYSE 2027 initiatives.”

We are extending our thanks to Kylie Ahern and the teams at STEM Matters and the Brilliant for their joint efforts in helping this collaboration come to life!