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IYSE Assembly Days



The aim of the Falling Walls Foundation IYSE Assembly is to (1) commit to bringing the IYSE to UNESCO in 2023 to ensure the IYSE resolution is voted in, (2) further develop and expand relationships with our current and potential partners, (3) sign an agreement regarding a strategic alliance between International Years; potential forthcoming and current UN International Years. The IYSE Assembly will consist of an informal dinner with attendees on the evening of 30 May, followed by a day and a half of IYSE programming.

  • 30 May: Informal dinner in the evening.
  • 31 May: Full day of programming with news about IYSE and presentations from Science Engagement practitioners.
  • 1 June: Half day of programming with news about IYSE, presentations from Science Engagement practitioners, and the signing of an agreement between UN International Years.

Further details regarding the exciting program of the IYSE Assembly in Paris will be shared as soon as possible.


The Falling Walls Foundation looks forward to welcoming experts and officials from
science, diplomacy, sustainable development, and other related fields. Please note that participation in the IYSE Assembly is by invitation only.

If you are interested in becoming a partner of the IYSE and attending the IYSE Assembly, please request an invite below. We are looking for social, political and funding partners from around the globe to help us promote an international year of Science Engagement.

Get involved

There are various ways to partner with the International Year of Science Engagement 2027. For some examples, please see the image below. If you are interested in becoming a partner and attending the IYSE Assembly in Paris, please request to be invited.

About the IYSE

The aim of the IYSE is to proclaim 2027 as an official United Nations International Year and to put the important topic of “Science Engagement” on the global agenda. We hope to create the necessary momentum for dialogue and participation between science and society, to promote scientific literacy, and to engage more voices in the scientific process through the inclusion of practitioners, scientists, policymakers and diverse stakeholders.

Follow IYSE on LinkedIn and join the conversation about #IYSE2027 on Twitter.

What is Science Engagement

Falling Walls aims to expand the recognition of Science Engagement worldwide. We seek participatory formats of all levels: from co-productive research and public panels to arts-driven or entertaining approaches – the common ground is the inclusion of and impact on all sides involved. We define Science Engagement as activities, events, or interactions bridging the gap between science and society to generate mutual learning and mutual benefits across the spectrum of public engagement in science.


Photo credits (banner): Pexels Marcin Gierbisz

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