IYSE Funding

The International Year of Science Engagement is built on strong and diverse partnerships. We invite organizations and individuals from academia, business, politics, international development, diplomacy, and civil society anywhere in the world to join us in a globally coordinated effort to find solutions to the world’s largest challenges through a greater engagement with science.

We are looking for various governmental, media, and Science Engagement partners to support this initiative on its path to United Nations designation with activism, political backing, and/or financial commitment. We aim to obtain 100 partners by the end of 2023, we are currently on track and look forward to working with entities that are developing activities and programmes within the evolving framework of the IYSE 2027.

All funding will help our partners, and those engaged in the IYSE on various levels, to join forces and increase the visibility of the IYSE 2027. Our global partners actively co-create the IYSE 2027 and support us on our path to implementation.



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