The International Year of Science Engagement is built on strong and diverse partnerships. We invite organisations and individuals from academia, business, politics, international development, diplomacy, and civil society anywhere in the world to join us in a globally coordinated effort to find solutions to the world’s largest challenges through a greater engagement with science.

We are looking for various governmental, media, and science engagement partners to support this initiative on its path to UN designation with activism, political backing, and financial commitment.


HOW YOU CAN GET INVOLVED ON A Governmental level:

  • Facilitating contact with your networks and connecting us to governmental/UNESCO contacts from your country that would like to support the IYSE resolution
  • Increase the visibility of the IYSE by connecting us with your partners (media and network partners)
  • Sharing your expertise on the development of local, regional, national and international Science Engagement initiatives


HOW TO GET INVOLVED ON A Science Engagement level:

Connect us with Science Engagement networks institutions in your country to:

  • Co-host consultation calls to share your country’s expertise in the development of international Science Engagement initiatives and work with us on further developing the concept and goals for the IYSE
  • Discussion workshops on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), showcasing local/regional/national Science Engagement initiatives and promoting the interaction between multistakeholders

SOME benefits for your involvement:

  1. Global visibility as a supporter of an international UN initiative.
  2. Become a part of multistakeholder networks.
  3. Join the global conversation on sustainable development and policy research.
  4. Showcase activities in science, education, research, sustainability, etc.
  5. Highlight responsible leadership: create a positive impact on a global stage.
  6. Demonstrate commitment to and involvement in corporate social responsibility.
  7. Exponentially increased fundraising potential.
  8. Cross-content and cross-financing synergies with other partner formats.
  9. Utilise the communication campaign to extend brand reach and enhance visibility across sectors concerned with sustainability.
  10. Strengthen and launch collaborative projects.
  11. Scout exceptional talent to connect and collaborate with.


If you would like to learn more about the IYSE or if you are interested in becoming a partner, please apply here or get in touch with us at to explore how you can shape the International Year of Science Engagement. You can also download further information on the IYSE here.

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