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Liubov Tupikina

Advisory Board

Liubov is a mathematician, a theoretical physicist and data scientist, with a PhD from Humboldt University (Theoretical physics). She worked in universities of Netherlands (Utrecht University as part of Marie-Curie Program), Spain (Institute of Complex Systems IFISC), Uruguay (Montevideo Uni), Italy, France (Centre of Research and Interdisciplinarity, Saclay, Ecole Polytechnique, Bell labs France).
She is working in complex networks, studying processes on them and how to use them in various systems, such as urban systems and knowledge production. She also develops the international scientists-schools network exploring the potential of scientific networks. She cofounded several organisations, Lectures without borders is one of them, doing science outreach in remote areas.
She works on the interface of physics, maths, data analysis and also is interested in citizen science and data visualisation methods.
Her scientific projects are also listed on the project page.